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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papam

We have a Pope, its Benedict XVI...former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany.

Already there is controversy surrounding the election of Benedict XVI, mainly about his childhood in Germany where he joined the Nazi Youth (obligatory in Nazi Germany), and his strict conservative views.

Once again, the mainstream media is trying to distort the facts and question the choice of a conservative successor to John Paul II. I can't begin to understand what the problem could be with the selection of a Pope who will follow the Church's doctrine to the letter. After all, it's all about the integrity of what the Catholic Church has always stood for, not some people's opinion of what the Church "should" be. I will admit that, as a Catholic, I'm not always in agreement with all of the Church's doctrine, but that's my problem and not the Catholic Church's.

Fellow Florida blogger Attaboy hits the nail on the head with his opinion of the new Pope and the direction the Church should be taking.


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