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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A Taste of ManCamp

Anyone who reads Babalu Blog is familiar with the occasional ManCamp stories. Well, I got the opportunity to experience ManCamp first hand this past Sunday when I had the pleasure of visiting Val Prieto's shrine to manhood. Val,of course, is the man behind Babalu Blog and you'll find me referring to him and his posts quite often here at 26th Parallel.

The occasion was to celebrate two birthdays: fellow South Florida blogger Steve of Hog on Ice, and Val's friend Tommy. Val was a gracious host as he led me on a tour of the facilities. ManCamp is, for lack of a better term, manly. Situated in a corner of his backyard, it features a full entertainment system, fridge, and several grills/smokers (I lost track of the exact number), all sitting under a tent. The floor is mulch, which adds to the manliness. ManCamp also offers spectacular waterfront views of the Snapper Creek Canal.

It was a Miami blogger reunion of sorts with George from Universal Spectator in attendance in addition to the other bloggers.

ManCamp is known for massive amount of grilling which takes place, usually involving pork and pork products.

Sunday's menu included:

- a pork shoulder wrapped in bacon
- "Cajun Angels" which are shrimp wrapped in, you guessed it, bacon
- Steve's awesome barbecue beans which were cooked with, you guessed it, bacon.

To top it off, a birthday cake in the shape of a grill with three hot dog weiners was brought out. I didn't have any of it, so I can't say if it actually had any pork in it.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay long, but I had a great time nonetheless and it was nice to finally experience ManCamp for myself.


Anonymous Val Prieto said...

It was a pleasure having you over, Robert. You are now a member in ful standing of the ManCamp Association and as such, have a standing invite to all ManCamp festivities.

Bring beer.

5:25 AM, April 28, 2005  
Blogger Robert said...

Thanks. I'll wait for the MCA membership card to arrive in the mail.

6:47 AM, April 28, 2005  

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