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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Audioslave Plays in Cuba

Recent blog entries on Babalu and Paxety Pages touched on the news of American rock band Audioslave's outdoor concert in Cuba which was held yesterday.

Audioslave's decision to play in Cuba shouldn't come as a huge shock to grunge and hard rock fans, since the band is partially made up of ex-members of Rage Against the Machine, a band who did not hide it's strong leftist leanings.

One quote from the Sun-Sentinel article which I found interesting:
"Even before the concert, hundreds of fans were so eager that they sent metal security barricades clanging to the pavement and rushed forward to fill a 50-yard long area that had been reserved for special guests -- mostly workers and teachers with exemplary official records."

Wonder if the boys from Audioslave were aware of the original plans?

Another quote:
"We would like to have stronger music -- bands like Metallica," said a gaunt man sitting alongside friends on the Malecon seawall who gave his name as Walter Delgado, 32. Even so, he said, "We are happy for the first time in our rock and roll history."

Sorry, Walter, I don't think you'll be seeing Metallica anytime soon. They're too busy fighting Napster and making lots of American dolares to play for peanuts in Cuba.

Besides, they haven't put out a decent album in 15 years.


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