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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cuba News Briefs

A summary of several news items relating to Cuba, most with links in Spanish from El Nuevo Herald.

- Spain insists that dialogue must continue with Cuba despite the expulsions of European delegates and journalists from the island last weekend during the Assembly to Promote Civil Society Meeting. Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos maintains that Spain must remain "critical but constructive" in its dialogue with Cuba. Moratinos stated that recent advancements such as the Assembly meeting are proof that the European Union's relaxing of diplomatic sanctions against Cuba are working.

Spain main opposition party, the Popular Party (PP), disagrees. They point to the expulsion of delegates as a clear reason for resuming the diplomatic sanctions which were in place from June 2003 until January 2005.

Further proof that Spain's ruling party is unwilling to admit the truth and continue to dialogue and reason with a regime that believes in neither.

- The Wall Street Journal published an editorial stating that the Organization of American States (OAS) should provide more support to dissidents in Cuba. In an editorial titled "Freedom!", it praised the Assembly meeting as well as a rally supporting the dissidents held in Holguin province of Eastern Cuba.

The editorial has some strong words for U.S. bashers:
"During the last few decades, most of the 34-member countries of the OAS have been more preoccupied with spitting in Uncle Sam's eye rather than find an end to the repression in Cuba.

"Ever since Hugo Chavez started buying OAS votes with Venezuelan oil and threatening member states with supporting subversive elements within those countries, the OAS has rarely raised its voice in issues related to fidel".

Couldn't have said it better myself. Kudos to the Wall Street Journal.

And, finally, from the Miami Herald, a survey indicates that the amount of money sent by exiles to Cuba has not changed a year after new restrictions were implemented.

No surprise there.


Blogger Songuacassal said...

It's a shame with the situation in Spain... "critical but constructive" clearly means "what you are doing is wrong, and it's a great pleasure doing buisness with you," A double standard in Spain influenced by their tourist hotel profits. Double faced, y descaradas que son.

1:27 AM, May 28, 2005  

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