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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Heading North

26th Parallel will be heading to more northern latitudes this week (Washington D.C. to be exact). I'll have virtually no computer access on my free time - I'm not going to blog at work outside my office, of course I probably shouldn't be blogging at work regardless of the location!

As a result, there will be no new posts until late Friday or Saturday at the earliest. I will have access to my e-mail when I can get away from work for a few minutes, so feel free to e-mail me by clicking on my personal profile at the top right of the page.

Until then, you can enjoy this account of the Miami Heat's Game 1 win today over the Washington Wizards. I'm taking my Heat t-shirt along, so I'll make sure to rub it in to all the Wizards fans up there!

Have a great week!


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