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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Home Sweet Home and Cuba Nostalgia

Finally back home and blogging after a week in the nation's capital. It was purely a business trip, despite rumors that I was there to massage Shaquille O'Neal's bruised thigh. I successfully brought some South Florida weather up north, as high temperatures hit the 80's a couple of days.

Driving around the Capital Beltway on the way to Dulles Airport yesterday afternoon, I got a chance to talk to Val Prieto to find out the latest on the booth at the Cuba Nostalgia convention next weekend. He's pretty swamped with last-minute preparations, as can be expected for a project as ambitious as the one he's undertaking. I'll be there next weekend to help out at the booth, and fortunately Val has assembled a small army of people to assist in the great cause which is spreading the truth about Cuba today, as well as looking back at the good old days before fidel. I'm confident everything will go smoothly next weekend.

As I posted here last month, the Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba is planning to meet next weekend in Havana on the anniversary of Cuba's independence for the purpose of promoting democratic change in Cuba. This of course despite threats by the Cuban government to disallow visas and other guests from attending. We all know who has the most to lose from this meeting.

Val has asked for everyone to spread the word about the Assembly's meeting next week, and I have dutifully answered his call. If you haven't done so already, please follow the links above to the Assembly's web site and support their cause. Also, if you're in town next weekend, make sure to stop by the Cuba Nostalgia convention and, in particular, the Babalu booth where Val and others including myself will be there blogging like mad to spread the word. I'll also be blogging quite a bit about Cuba in the days leading up to the convention.


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