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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Posada Interview and Cuban Protest

Two stories from the Miami Herald today pertaining to Luis Posada Carriles' request for asylum, including an exclusive interview of Posada by Oscar Corral and Alfonso Chardy.

In a previous post, I wrote about Posada and how the U.S. should do everything within its power to detain him and pursue a trial. I still feel that way, much to the chagrin of some of the so-called "hard-line" exiles. However, extraditing him to Cuba or Venezuela bothers me too. Here are two countries that have supported terrorism of their own, anxiously awaiting the possible arrival of Posada. Two countries that do not support democracy and justice in any form, asking the U.S. to hand-deliver Posada to them.

The best solution would be for the U.S. to deal with Posada without having to send him anywhere. It would be better than doing nothing, and definitely better than sending him to either of the two authoritarian thugs known as castro and chavez.

Speaking of castro, he rounded up the troops again today and marched in front of the Malecon to demand the "arrest of Posada". What he really wants is for Posada to end up in his lap.

Here's a quote from castro during the march:

"Down with terrorism!" the 78-year-old (c)astro shouted in brief comments before leading the march outside the U.S. Interests Section. "Down with Nazi doctrines and methods! Down with the lies!"

No need to mention how hypocritical that is coming from el coma andante.


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