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Saturday, May 21, 2005

President Bush's Message to Assembly

Here is the President's message to the Assembly participants in Cuba. It is translated from Spanish, so please excuse any awkward-sounding phrases or words.

"It pleases me to send a greeting to all the Cubans who are celebrating the 103rd anniversary of Cuba's independence. We honor the extensive family bonds, faith, religion and heritage that unites us all."

"Cuba has a proud history of fighting for freedom, and that fight continues. Here in the United States, we are inspired by accounts of Cubans who escaped the tyranny and risked their lives to come to our country. There are more than a million people of Cuban ancestry in the United States who work to make our nation better and stronger. Today we honor all Cubans for their great contributions to our country. They enrich every field; from the sciences, to industry, to the arts. However, today we particularly reflect on the greatness of Cuba's past, and the promise of its future."

"We yearn for the day in which Cubans must no longer endure years of separation from their families in order to enjoy the benefits the freedom. We will not rest. We will continue pressing until the Cuban people enjoy the same freedoms in Havana as they are enjoyed in the United States. Freedom is not a gift from the United States to the world; freedom is a gift from the all-powerful God to each man and woman of the world."

"Cuba's independence which we celebrate today was a product of the great courage of the Cuban people, and the qualities of leaders such as Jose Martí. Today, many future leaders of a free Cuba show that same courage in their fight for freedom. This week, more than 360 groups from the opposition and from all of society plan to meet in the historic Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba. Those that participate in this event, as well as their families, run great risks. I have the following message for those who are gathered today to protest the oppression in Cuba: The people of the United States are on your side as you fight for freedom."

"In Cuba, many of you make the decision to leave the shadows of repression. We congratulate those such as the Ladies in White who work to create a conscience towards their loved ones who have been jailed unjustly. We celebrated Cubans such as Oscar Elías Biscet and Marta Beatriz Roque who seek the freedom of their country."

"We are helping organizations to protect the dissidents and to promote human rights. We are working to guarantee that the people of Cuba hear the clear voice of truth through Radio and TV Martí. And we are working to prevent the repressive regime from unjustly benefiting from money generated from tourism and from shipments to Cubans. We will not merely wait for Cuba's freedom; we will work every day for its

"The wave of freedom extends throughout the world, and someday soon it will reach Cuba's shores. No tyrant can remain strong in the face of the power of freedom, because the hope to be free shines in every heart. Therefore, today we are sure that Cuba will be free soon."

"Thank you and may God bless you."


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