[freedomtowernight_edited.jpg] 26th Parallel: Protest at Santana Concert in Miami

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Protest at Santana Concert in Miami

Tomorrow, June 1st, Carlos Santana will play a concert at Miami's American Airlines Arena. At the same time, NetForCuba.org and Paxety Pages report that a group of protesters will stand outside the arena and hold candles and crosses commemorating those who were killed by Che Guevara's firing squads in Cuba shortly after fidel took power.

What do Che and Santana have in common, besides long hair? This and this will explain the connection, courtesy of Babalu Blog.

Of course, many around the country, even here in Miami, will shake their heads and mutter "there they go again" at the news of the protests. Never mind the fact that in all likelihood it will be a peaceful gathering. Never mind the fact that it is well within their rights as American residents and citizens to protest. It doesn't matter...the Miami Mafia is hard at work once again, and the mainstream will be annoyed.

Could you imagine the mainstream's reaction if Santana would have worn a Hitler or Nazi shirt instead? Just ask Prince Harry.


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