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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Resolution by Assembly to Promote Civil Society

Yesterday was the last day of the Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba, and after the election to select officials, the elected Executive Committee approved and released a general resolution to detail its purpose and goals.

Following are highlights of the resolution, translated from Spanish:

On Political Prisoners:
"We demand the unconditional release of all political prisoners without delay or exceptions, and without having to leave the country.

The issue of political prisoners should continue to be first on the agenda of any activity of the Assembly, and the monitoring of the prisoners should not cease until the last one is free."

On the Democratization of Cuba:
"We proclaim that the regime which reigns today in Cuba and declares itself Marxist-Leninist, should be categorized under the Stalinistic modalities of that type of system. Recognize that, as such, it is a totalitarian and totally antidemocratic regime.

Demand the immediate return of our country to its democratic traditions: those of multiple political parties, ideologies, and candidates.

Proclaim the total Cuban identity of our exiled compatriots and their inalienable status as members of the Cuban nation, and demand that they have free access to all active and passive suffrages, as well as other citizens' rights in the place of residency in Cuba or other requirements."

On Human Rights:
"We proclaim our total support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and demand that the Cuban government respect in full the document in its thirty articles.

Support all activities that help to raise awareness to the Cuban people on those rights that they possess.

On Opening the Economy:
"To recognize that the Cuban economy is currently in a situation of frank crisis, a direct consequence of the inoperative economic system implanted and maintained by the present regime, which is irrevocable while the necessary changes are not made, and to state that for the current regime, politics is more important than the economy.

To emphasize that the country needs to foment foreign investment immediately in order to sustain the development of the country, with the purpose of as rapidly as possible increasing its purchasing power, and the power of its exports.

On Current Government Policy:
"To declare that the so-called 'battle of ideas' is no more than an intense propaganda offensive."

On Terrorism:
"To urge the expulsion of members of the Basque organization ETA, as well as other foreign terrorists who have seeked safe harbor in Cuba."

"Take down monuments erected to honor people such as Sergio González “El Curita” and Ofelia Díaz Báez, and others, who among other activites against the Batista regime, have dedicated their time to detonate bombs in hotels, theatres, streets, parks, and other public places."

"To demand a public apology to the families of the victims of the sinking of the tugboat '13 de marzo' (long applause), and to the families of the victims of the planes which were blown up in the Straits of Florida on February 24th, 1996."

"The delegates of the General Meeting of the Assembly To Promote Civil Society, before the patriotic symbols that have presided over this event that our forefathers hoisted in the fight for the independence of our country, which have served as a guide and breath to all the Cuban people, we solemny proclaim our firm disposition to continue without giving up our pacific fight for the democratization of our country, maintaining our indissoluble link of love and brotherhood to that part of the Cuban nation that is in exile. We recall with total validity and relevancy a quote from Jose Martí: 'For Cuba it is now the time.' (Ovación and shouts of "For Cuba it is now the time".)"


Anonymous Dennis said...

Hi there,

I took the liberty to translate your summary into Swedish.

3:45 PM, May 22, 2005  
Blogger Songuacassal said...

Robert... caught your post at Babalu and followed it here... I'm posting in at songuacassal.blogspot.com as well as your link. Thanks!

8:16 PM, May 22, 2005  

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