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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ricky Coming Back to Miami?

Yesterday's Miami Herald ran a story on Ricky Williams' desire to return to the Miami Dolphins.

It will interesting if and when that does happen. Obviously, Ricky pissed off a lot of people by his sudden "retirement" last year. He pissed off his fans, but most importantly he let down his coach and teammates who were counting on him to be a big part of the team. His retirement was an act of pure selfishness and of trying to avoid his other "problem" - suspension for marijuana use.

All that said, I think Coach Saban is making the right decision by leaving the door open for Ricky to return. Ricky needs to apologize and come to terms with his teammates, the organization, and his fans. Once that happens, then Dolphins fans can once again root for him. The team has invested too much on Ricky to not give him another shot. Besides, another 4-12 season would be pretty painful to endure.


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