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Thursday, June 02, 2005

More "I Told You So's"?

Trying to squeeze out a few posts while everything on the home front is stable for the time being...

A post on Babalu the other day mentioned the fact that some Western-based small and medium-sized businesses are leaving Cuba because of the increasingly unfriendly business environment there. Nothing really surprised me or caught my eye right away as we've heard many a story about fidel 's regime controlling every facet of life in Cuba. Reading back through it again, however, a line from the story jumped out at me (emphasis mine):

"President Fidel Castro's government, bolstered by growing economic ties to Venezuela and China, is cutting back the autonomy granted to state-run companies to do business in the 1990s and restoring central control over trade and finance."

Read that last line again..."restoring central control over trade and finance. " Notice the article probably doesn't have much of a right-leaning bias since they refer to fidel as President.

If business with Venezuela and China can create this type of environment in Cuba, imagine what open trade with the U.S. would do.

This one is hard for the anti-embargo folks to refute.


Anonymous Val Prieto said...

Yet they will still refute it. Because it's quite simple for them to ignore the facts and ignore history and continue to base their opinions myopically.

10:51 AM, June 03, 2005  

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