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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Truth About the United States

Earlier today while visiting Babalu, I ran across this post which talks about Cuba hosting a "Culture and Development Congress", with attendees including none other than fidel lover numero uno Danny Glover.

I followed the link to a Cuban news site called ahora.cu from the eastern city of Holguin. I browsed through the site, scanned several propaganda-filled articles, then ran into an opinion piece titled "The Truth About the United States" which was dated, ironically enough, May 20th.

The piece centers on an article by the same title which Jose Marti published in New York in 1894 . It is quite critical of the United States, which is not entirely surprising considering that Marti was fighting for Cuba's independence from a colonial power, Spain, and saw the United States as another colonial threat to the region.

What is somewhat surprising (remember, this is Cuba we're talking about) is that the writer of the opinion piece decided that the article, written over a century ago, would still have relevance today. Assuming that what Marti wrote was fairly accurate, it is reasonable to assume that the United States has matured as a republic in the last 111 years. Just goes to show how deep some are willing to dig in order to find something negative about the United States.

A paragraph from the article which I find noteworthy:
"At that time, his (Marti) idea of what kind of republic he wanted for his homeland was a mature one; it should be free of the stains of colonialism that offends and scorns, and of the vices of imperialism that denigrate and crush."

It's pretty safe to say that Marti would be crushed at what Cuba has become, and what it is today, 111 years later.


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