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Friday, July 29, 2005

Will DeFede Come Back to Herald?

This will be the last post, at least in the near future, in the continuing Jim DeFede saga.

Just a few minutes ago I read this story from AP concerning the firing, and in the last paragraph, Herald Publisher Jesus Diaz states that the Herald door may not have totally closed behind DeFede:

Herald Publisher Jesus Diaz wouldn't say Friday whether the paper would consider rehiring (Jim DeFede), but added: "We made the decision based on what Jim said to us and I guess as life moves on, anything is possible."

That "anything" includes whether or not charges are filed against DeFede, and whether he would be convicted.

My bold prediction (not necessarily a wish) - if DeFede isn't convicted of felony charges, he'll be back writing for the Herald by the end of the year.


Anonymous Coconut Grove Grapevine said...

People only purchase the Herald because of DeFede. The editors can't be that stupid. The circulation is dwindling, bringing him back would bring lots of readers and circulation gains.

9:28 PM, July 29, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We buy the Herald because of DeFede? News to me.

11:11 PM, July 30, 2005  
Blogger Robert said...

Me too Anonymous.

6:23 AM, July 31, 2005  

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