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Monday, August 08, 2005

Castros and Drug Trafficking

Conductor over at Cuban-American Pundits has posted a translation of a terrific article from El Nuevo Herald about a book from Uruguayan writer Jose Antonio Friedl, detailing alleged links between the castro regime and drug trafficking into the United States.

Conductor poses a good question at the end of the post - Why doesn't/hasn't the English Herald publish this article? It's not like they have to go far to get some sources, El Nuevo Herald is in the same building as they are.

I'll take this question one step further. Why doesn't the New York Times publish something like this? Well, we probably know the answer...but it would be indeed be interesting to see the reaction if it ever was published in the Times.

On a side note...thanks Conductor for the modified ¡Ya No Mas! jpeg.


Anonymous daniel said...

aaah.... the question without an answer.. "why does the herald have it in english, but el nuevo does not run it?" or, "why does el nuevo have it but not the herald??".. dude, this one has people from the right and the left of the "cuba issue" asking it.. ever hear aruca or lesnik? they bring it up all the time.. defedes never ran in spanish, but the cuba pieces most defeinitky should have.. the audience that would have been most interested was from el nuevo.. this is a most annoying feature of the herald.. its almost as if they are pandering to the audiences.. for better or worse, alvaro fernandez who runs a site that could be called "favorable" to the castro regime regularly runs translations in both languages for articles that appear in one but not the other.. whats REALLY bad, is that at times, both papers run the same article, but certain paragraphs are excluded from one, but not the other..

3:51 PM, August 08, 2005  

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