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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Marino in Hall of Fame

Picture courtesy of Miami Herald

This afternoon, Dan Marino was officially inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

Today is a wonderful day for Dolphins fans who spent many a Sunday (and Monday night) watching #13 throw his patented spirals into the hands of his receivers. Marino represented everything good about the Miami Dolphins, he WAS and still IS the Miami Dolphins as far as I'm concerned.

But what has always stood out about Marino isn't his prodigious abilities on the field. It's his character, both on and off the field. The speech given by his son Dano was a tribute to Dan Marino the person, the father. The way which he represents our community with his time, class, and generousness is something that I am very proud of.

No, Dan Marino did not win a Super Bowl. Many people see that as a defining achievement (or non-achievement) in his career. I've always thought that Marino lifted merely average teams to contenders, and that's we he did his entire career.

More importantly, however, he's a champion off the field. Today's speeches and tributes remind us that what matters in the end isn't numbers and Super Bowl rings. It's all about character, spirit, and devotion to your team, your family, and your community.

For that, Dan, you'll always finish on top. Thanks.


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