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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Open Letter to Jacques Chirac

Lost in the DeFede shuffle...this came across last week on Net For Cuba.

Open letter to Jacques Chirac, President of France
Miami, July 28, 2005

Dear President Chirac:

The situation of political prisoners in Cuba is very grave. As you are aware, last week, 33 men and women were imprisoned when they organized a protest at the Embassy of France in Havana. They protested the decision of your government to invite the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Felipe Pérez Roque, and other officials of the Cuban government, to the celebrations of Bastille Day on July 14th.

It is necessary that your government understands that it has a moral and political responsibility to protect, defend, and support the Cuban opposition. When Adolf Hitler’s army enslaved the French, many countries supported the brave resistance movement that struggled against the Nazi tyranny, many times risking their lives for justice and democracy.

Today, it is the role of France to defend democracy and the inalienabe rights of all oppressed peoples around the world. Your country’s tradition of freedom, equality, and fraternity, does not only apply to the French, it is a universal right. We greatly thank your government for demanding the immediate liberation of all political prisoners arrested last week, but it is your duty to do more. There are many more political prisoners in Cuban jails. The destiny of the Cuban people is in your hands. Do not forget it.


Daniel I. Pedreira, President
Youth for a Free Cuba


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