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Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Views on Immigration

I've posted here, here, here and here on the immigration issue. Those posts have focused primarily on South Florida's reaction. I really haven't offered my personal views on the matter, not because I don't want anyone to know, but simply because I felt the initial urge to react to the protests instead of on my personal opinion.

After having posted 4 articles on the subject, I feel it's now my responsibility to inform you on how I feel personally about the immigration issue in the United States.

I don't think illegals should be automatically sent back. I don't think there should be an amnesty, either.

I don't think we should build a wall along the border. I don't think our borders should be open, either. They should be better-protected to discourage illegal immigration.

Our immigration policy needs change. We need to come up with a better way of processing the illegal immigrants who are already here. Ways to encourage them to become legal residents and then citizens. Those who are productive members of society deserve to stay. I'm not currently endorsing any of the plans that are being considered in Washington, although the Sensenbrenner Plan is at the bottom of my list.

In short, I am pro-immigrant. Of that there's no doubt. I am only one generation removed from immigrants, and my wife is an immigrant herself. Having said that, we should encourage LEGAL immigration. We need to make it easier for immigrants to achieve legal status, but we just can't open our arms to everyone without having to go through a legalization process.

I respect the majority of those who have marched at the rallies the past few weeks. I respect the sacrifices they made to leave everything behind to come to a new country to make a better life for themselves and their children.

It amazes me to see how good this country is, that we allow those who basically have no legal right to be here to march the streets and protest our government's laws. How many of you think that this attitude would be duplicated in another country? Maybe in a few countries, but not many.

One quick note about those who stay here illegally: they should be conscious of their decision and their status. They need to realize that, no matter how hard they work or how good a citizen they may be, they are not here legally. The person who purposely overstays his tourist visa to stay here must realize this. The person who sneaks in through the border must realize this. The people marching in protest must realize this.

Changes need to be made, make no mistake. But every illegal immigrant must be able to be honest with his/herself and be personally accountable for their decisions.


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