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Friday, May 19, 2006

Cuba Nostalgia 2006

Here I'm am blogging live from Cuba Nostalgia, and it looks like another outstanding job done by the organizers of the event. Vintage late 50s cars (in mint condition unlike the ones in Havana)are on display at the entrance to the exhibit hall, traditional Cuban music being played live, and plenty of memorabilia.

Of course, I'm at the Babalu Blog booth, and although it's in a slightly different location from last year, the booth looks great. Also, we're not far from the chow line and that means faster access to food and adult beverages.

It's very cool to be in the same space with fellow bloggers, especially those with whom you share a common bond with. Val's here supervising the bloggers and making sure we're pounding the keys. Amanda and Ziva are also here blogging away, and Pitbull just made his grand entrance.

I remember feeling a little awestruck being here at last year's event, and the butterflies are still flying around a little this year. It's because of being in the presence of people whom you respect and have been inspired by.

Make sure you stop by Tamiami Park this weekend if you get the chance.


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