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Monday, May 22, 2006

Cuba Nostalgia Recap

I was going to post this over at Babalu this morning, but time and lack of free access to a PC for much of the day means I won't be able to cross-post until this afternoon.

Anyway, I just wanted to pass along what a great experience Cuba Nostalgia was this year. The exhibits, music, food, atmosphere, etc. I'm also talking about the comraderie and fellowship at the Babalu booth (or pavilion as Conductor called it). We had people from at least 12 states visit and/or join us at the booth. Everyone from fellow bloggers to commenters to lurkers, it was great.

Blogging and the internet experience in general is both weird and extremely cool at the same time. Where else can you get to know someone without ever seeing them or hearing their voice? The first face-to-face meeting with those people is always a little awkward but definitely very nice because you finally get to match a face with the words.

This is how I met Ventanita, Marc and Albert this weekend. I also met Babalu (and occassional 26th Parallel) readers Scott G and Nurian.

All this is a testament to the power of the internet. It's also a testament to the great job that Val has done with Babalu Blog and the booth the past 2 years. Our message is getting out there, and the fact that it's just not people from Miami or South Florida who are joining in. It's not just Cuban-Americans or other Hispanics, either. People from all backgrounds and several states (and countries) have joined us in trying to get the word out about Cuba. Something other than what you see (or don't see) in the MSM and on TV or in films.

Most importantly, we're giving people a different perception of who Cuban-Americans are and what we stand for. Something other than the rhetoric and lies which fidel and his cronies spread about us.

It was great meeting and seeing everyone this weekend. Let's do this a bit more frequently!


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