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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It's a cliche, but it's what makes a champion. As anyone who lives here knows, the Miami Heat won the NBA title last night. It was a team put together for the sole purpose of winning it all THIS YEAR. A mixture of young and old, up-and-coming and past-their-prime players.

They were doubted all season. I certainly did. But I'm glad that they proved me wrong.

I've been a Heat fan since their inception, going to a handful of games every season (Miami Sports Dudes has a good summary of the early days). They do the best marketing and public relations of any sports franchise in South Florida, in my opinion. Their games are always fun to attend and the fans well-mannered for the most part.

As Conductor noted so eloquently in this post, this victory is for all the current and ex-players and staff who have been with the team since their inception in 1988.

But there's one guy that deserves it the most. Alonzo Mourning. I shed a tear or two after the game last night thinking about what the championship must mean for Zo.

Val stated this here, and I echo his remarks.

This picture pretty much sums up this year's Heat team:

Photo courtesy Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Two old adversaries turned teammates. Shaquille O'Neal, winner of 3 previous titles. Best player since Michael Jordan retired.

Zo, close but not quite there several times. Kidney problems which almost ended his career. Local philanthropist.

Two different personalities, one goal - achieved together.

Congratulations to the Heat!


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