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Monday, July 31, 2006

Cutler Bay Needs Your Help

The fine folks of Cutler Bay are looking for ideas for their town logo. As a former resident of Cutler Ridge Bay, I figured the best I can do is to spread the word.

All you folks out there with artistic talent (that means I'm excluded), let's give them some ideas.

Town officials have laid a few ground rules that we should be aware of:
"We don't want the generic sun and palm tree like other South Dade municipalities.''

They're also looking for something that won't become dated, like the cows and farmland in the Miami Lakes logo.

Nor do they want a logo that reflects the town's most infamous landmark: the South Miami-Dade landfill -- better known as Mount Trashmore.

I'd love to see how they're going to come up with a logo that doesn't include anything related to life in the subtropics. And with the unfortunate and misguided decision of residents to rename the town Cutler Bay (no one there lives on the bay, trust me), I'd love to see how they're NOT going to throw in a palm tree or two next to a rendition of sparkling Biscayne Bay. As much as the officials hate to admit, Mount Trashmore is the only significant "geographical" landmark that's within city limits and within sight of most of the residents there. A logo with the dump on it would actually be more representative than one of sweeping bay vistas.

I'm looking forward to see what they come up with. My bet is that it will have something to do with the diversity of the community.


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