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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here We Go Again (UPDATED)

I'm sorry folks, but I had to scratch my head and wonder what Emilio Izquierdo's real motivations are after reading this article in the Miami Herald which states that he and his daughter are filing a complaint to the School Board regarding the book Cuban Kids (not to be confused with the now-infamous Vamos A Cuba).

At the very least, you have to question Izquierdo's timing. I respect his right to protest and complain about anything he feels is wrong, even though I may not personally subscribe to his choice of issues to protest. I definitely won't question Izquierdo's belief in freedom of expression, as Rick did yesterday.

By waiting until two prior complaints be rejected and for the Vamos A Cuba controversy to heat up, Izquierdo's and his daughter's complaints appear to be contrived.

Question to Izquierdo - Why now, and where were you a few weeks ago?

UPDATED (7 PM EDT): I didn't catch the paragraph in the Herald article about Izquierdo apparently being arrested in 1999 while protesting the Los Van Van concert in Miami. My bad there.

Nevertheless and despite that incident, the guy still has a right to protest within the law, whether we agree with him or not.


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