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Friday, July 14, 2006

Word Play

Just to show that we Cuban-American bloggers actually do have a sense of hunor, let's take a welcomed break from all the uber-serious book ban talk, shall we?

Ponder these new advertising slogans Cuba might want to consider when fidel kicks the bucket:

"Feel the raw naked Raul Castro of the road"

"Tonight, let it be Raul Castro"

"Raul Castro, the appetizer"

"I'd walk a mile for Raul Castro"

"You can really taste the Raul Castro"

"It takes a tough man to make a tender Raul Castro"

This gross-out courtesy of Slogan Generator via Babalu.

The staff and advertisers of 26th Parallel will not be held responsible for any lost meals caused by the above content.

Thank you. Now back to our regularly-scheduled Raul Castro.


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