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Monday, August 14, 2006

Both Sides Debate castro on BBC Site

I was going through a few of the comments to the BBC News "Have Your Say" page in which the question was: Castro at 80. What's Next For Cuba?

As is normally the case, there were about an equal number of pro vs. anti castro comments. Actually a lot of the pro-castro comments were more indictments of U.S. policy than anything else.

Here's the latest comment, as of this writing:

Some say that the Castro model is nothing more than a brutal dictatorship, where its people live in poverty. So the Castro regime needs to be destroyed and replaced by capitalism and democracy. As a Haitian, I know full well the results of US-style democracy and capitalism. I also had a little experience of what REAL poverty is and how it feels to be repressed by the very same people that promote "capitalism and democracy". So I say Happy Birthday Castro may you live for many more years to come, because I don't wish Cubans to be in the same situation as us Haitians.

Marie, New York by way of Haiti

Marie, who hates capitalism so much that she lives in New York, feels that democracy and capitalism (US style? What other style is there) is bad. Whatever. What really cracks me up is that if Marie is assuming that Cuba is a better model for Haiti than the US, then why do boats filled with Haitian immigrants bypass an island which is literally a few dozen miles away for the long treacherous trip to the U.S.?

The fact that there are those who sympathize with castro is no big revelation. The point of this post is that it's amazing to me how two people can see something and have totally opposite interpretations. Comments like Marie's above make me sad that there are those out there who choose to ignore real injustices just because of personal biases that cloud their ability to reason properly.


Blogger Asha Nair said...

anyone hating us can freely express himself still living in us, nobody hating castro can express himself in cuba, and hope to survive.
How that?

2:16 PM, August 15, 2006  

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