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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Community Service

One of the main reasons for this blog's existence is to help spread the word about the situation in Cuba. We all know that there are plenty of myths which abound about conditions on the island and the reality people there face.

This became evident to me this morning when I read this doozy of a letter to the editor at the Miami Herald.

As a community service, I think we all should educate Luis Salazar a little. Perhaps point him to a few Cuba blogs that spend so much time and effort to bring light as to life really is in Cuba.

Following is the letter by Mr. Salazar, with a few of my comments interspersed.

Life in Cuba

Re the Sept. 14 article Cubans wary of a quick change: Fidel Castro is not entirely at fault for the low standard of living on the island. If he had more economic options and support, Cubans probably would have a more-decent standard.

In other words, it's the United States' fault due to the embargo.

People seem to overlook that the government in Cuba feeds, houses, educates and gives healthcare to more than 11 million people completely free. None of this comes from taxes or the people themselves, but from whatever the government can hustle from trade, tourism or any charity that may come its way.

So he admits that there is money being "hustled in" from other sources. People don't overlook the free education and health care. What Salazar is overlooking is the measly pay the average Cuban receives, as well as the quality of said education, housing and health care. Please refer to the above-linked sites for further information and examples.

The situation in Cuba is not because Castro is a bad man or because he is stealing from his people. It is simply that there is only so much he can do with what he has. Also, some people in Cuba in some way understand this and are not ready to give it up.

Castro IS a bad man. Ask him. And him. And here's what he DOES have.

There are people in much worse situations elsewhere in Latin America and the world. But people in Miami seem to overlook this just because Castro is communist and therefore "evil''.

Ahhh, those simpleton Miami Cubans strike again! Being communist doesn't help your status in the view of many democratically-minded people, but if the above examples don't prove his "evilness", Mr. Salazar, then you're more brainwashed than I thought. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Blogger La Ventanita said...

The govt may house, educate and give healthcare for "free" (as in no monetary expense, but huge personal expense), but last time I checked they still SELL everything else - from food to clothes.

I'd like to see Mr. Salazar kill a pig in Cuba for a Nochebuena, and see if the MP's don't show up to confiscate the pig.

12:22 PM, September 23, 2006  

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