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Friday, September 08, 2006

George Moneo = The Man (EDITED)

Some major props to "The Pitbull" for this slammin' post over at Babalu about liberal hypocrisy. (thanks for the grammar correction Conductor!)

George's comments remind me of exactly 2 years ago when the nation (and world) was riveted to the Bush/Kerry presidential race. Working with mostly outspoken Democratic "liberal" types, I heard plenty of derisive comments directed towards Republicans and conservatives, many of which cannot be printed here. The same can be said about many other liberals all over this great country, based on media commentary from both journalists and average citizens.

Yes, I know Republicans dished it out too. I'm perfectly aware of this. But that's not the point.

The same people who supposedly stand for fairness, compassion, tolerance and righteousness had a very difficult time holding back their arrogance, contempt and disrespect for those who have a different set of values. Actually, they didn't hold it back at all. The lack of respect I felt personally towards me and those who think like me was staggering. I personally witnessed rational and smart discussions about politics being turned into idealogical attacks which were most definitely one-sided (left to right). Michael Moore became their hero, their example...clearly one of the early and classic symptoms of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

There have been periods in my life when I have questioned my values, when I've wondered whether I should switch to the "other side". As I've gotten older, I've become much more confident and assured in mycore beliefs.

The lead-up to the 2004 elections, and the attitude I saw in many of those who claim to stand for the average man, solidified it for me.


Anonymous Rick said...


I'm not following you here.

Moneo's post is exactly the type of vitriol that continues the cycle of pointing fingers that does nothing to advance productive debate on the issues.

For you to endorse that...I don't know. I don't see how that's any better then the same coming from the left.

As far as the topic of the post itself, George's outrage is hypocrisy at it's best.


11:56 AM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger Robert said...

I endorse George's message 100%. For the longest time, liberals have been the ones pointing the finger at conservatives for being all the things that George mentioned. No doubt that some have attempted to do the same thing to programs that have been unsympathetic to the right. I don't care for that either.

But when the same arrogant liberals that say they stand for fairness, tolerance, etc. start exhibiting the same behavior of those of whom they disrepect, then they deserve to be called out for it.

We can have productive debates about issues anytime. But that's another topic and another post. This post is about hypocrisy from the left and how they are quick to do the exact same thing they accuse the right of doing.

12:38 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous gansibele said...

Coming from somebody who constantly paints liberals and democrats as traitors and worse, George's comments are a badge of honor.

You got idols with clay feet Robert.

1:02 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous Rick said...

I think it comes from both sides, Robert. I mean, Ann Coulter, Rush, and Michelle Malkin, to name a few....c'mon, it isn't one-sided.

Both parties have their share of windbags. Neither side is above it/

Hey, but whatever. Blame whomever you want.

And the cycle continues.

1:07 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

You may want to rephrase the first line to read:

Some major props to "The Pitbull" for this slammin' post over at Babalu about liberal hypocrisy.

Right now it sounds like the the liberal hypocrisy is at Babalu.

1:37 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous ganisbele said...

Oh, and I'll trade him his long list of complaints for one I would gladly not hear any other conservative say:

- Mainstream media has a liberal bias.

Ok, so since when ABC stopped being one of the Big Three?

1:38 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger Robert said...


I think even George would admit that his idol status is a bit far-fetched, don't you think?

My reaction and agreement with George's post is based on my personal experiences in dealing with the righteous and self-serving attitude of many liberals. It is NOT inclusive of every liberal. There are conservative scumbags as well (which don't necessarily include those that Rick mentioned), and there's definitely no shortage of blogging about those individuals out there.

As I mentioned to Rick earlier, we can have, and I encourage, individual discussions about issues we disagree on any time. George's post hit a nerve with me and I thought it was dead on.
That's all.

1:48 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger Robert said...

Thanks for the correction Conductor. It did sound wrong.

1:53 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger La Ventanita said...

My psychology professor, a liberal himself, said something a while back that hit it for me: "We liberals want diversity as long as it is diversity in the left" meaning as long as it doesn't include any from the right.

Living in liberal (and some times Kool Aid) New England for two years now, that was the first thing I noticed when I arrived - that liberals enganged in as much lack of tolerance and censure as they blame the right of doing, while pretending to be an all encompassing, tolerating, accepting group.

2:09 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger The Universal Spectator said...

Robert, thanks for the kind words! "Conservative, anti-communist, anti-fascist, liberal-hating idol" sounds just fine to me.

I'm glad to see Rick and Ganso dropped their crayons long enough to post comments. I won't dignify comments from these "progressive thinkers" with a response.

As Adlai Stevenson once quipped, "the sound of tireless voices is the price we pay for the right to hear the music of our own opinions."

2:44 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger The Universal Spectator said...

ABC caves to Clinton and changes the docudrama. Liberal bias? Q.E.D.

2:47 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous gansibele said...

It's an expression Robert, not to be taken literally. You said "Moneo=The Man" and I'm just pointing out to you this is a guy who embodies the worst practices of intolerance of somebody else's opinion and is loudly proud of it. So if you didn't like it when your coworkers were derisive, how can you endorse Moneo's rant?

3:54 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous gansibele said...

Moneo, pay attention because I'm going to turn on the light for you: Media has an economic bias. Not liberal, not conservative. Advertisers shy away from ANY controversy. If ABC changes anything is because they don't want the adverse publicity and subsequent drop in advertising revenue that'll come with a strong rebuke from influential public figures such as Clinton. Just like CBS did with the Reagan miniseries, a decision I'm sure you criticized as cowardly in its time. Right?

4:03 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous Rick said...

Hey George,

You know, it would have been real easy to include a couple cheap shots about you in our responses. It's too bad you can't elevate yourself above that same shit in yours.

4:27 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger Val Prieto said...

Robert, got any Baking Soda?

5:37 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger The Universal Spectator said...

Wow, Gansibele, thanks for shining that light and enthralling me with your acumen! I feel all tingly now. You're still 100% wrong, though -- as usual.

Rick, please, give it a rest, OK. I don't like liberals -- of any stripe. Liberals are simpletons who live in fantasy worlds of their own creation. As such, I consider them slightly below children in their mental capacity. A small dog, maybe a Jack Russell or a good border terrier, may be slightly more intelligent than a liberal, but they are the exception to the rule.

5:46 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous gansibele said...

As tingly as when Val pats your back when you are sitting in his lap, French poodle?

5:55 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger The Universal Spectator said...

Actually more tingly. Was it as good for you as it was for me?

6:04 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous gansibele said...

Try to come up with a comeback that makes sense George, it's no fun otherwise. Or is homoerotic innuendo all you got?

6:39 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous Rick said...

Great analogy, George. You pick that up from CQ or maybe Ace or perhaps Power Dump?

...and Val...take it from me...the 2nd time around, it really loses its punch. Didn't anyone ever tell you that?

Pass the popcorn, Gansibele. These boys are treading water.


7:49 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger The Universal Spectator said...

Rick, I actually came up with the dog analogy all by myself. You know how? By reading your blog.

Gansibele, have a nice life.

8:14 PM, September 08, 2006  
Anonymous gansibele said...

I already do George. But thanks for the sentiment. Have a happy weekend yourself.

8:20 PM, September 08, 2006  
Blogger Robert said...


Please, these high-school back and forth insults have to stop.


26th Parallel Admin

10:35 PM, September 08, 2006  

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