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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jim DeFede Reaction?

Photo courtesy of jimdefede.com

The controversy over the firing of the El Nuevo Herald journalists made me think at least briefly about what happened last year with the Herald's firing of columnist Jim DeFede over ethics violations.

Obviously, the specifics involving the DeFede case and this latest case are different, but the commonality between them is that they both violated ethical codes.

Still, I was curious as to what DeFede's reaction is to this latest firing(s). A look at his web site doesn't reveal anything, the last information is from Friday, the day after the firings. Also, no huge reaction from the local journalistic community, in stark contrast to DeFede's case where even a blog was started with signatures from hundreds of journalists supporting him.

Anyway, I'll be checking out DeFede's site at "Progressive Talk" 940 AM, as well as his page over at CBS-4 to see if he says something.


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