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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Recap

Back on Wednesday I posted an analysis of the Alex Villalobos victory versus Frank Bolaños for the State Senate in which I showed that the majority of Villalobos supporters were from heavily Hispanic, and likely Cuban, areas. At the end of the post, I asked how long it would take the media to catch on to this.

It took the Miami Herald 4 days. The Herald agrees with my analysis, indicating that elderly Hispanic voters carried Villalobos to victory. They credit the abuelitas, or grannies. More than likely, the majority of those were Cuban-Americans.

It's always nice, but not surprising, to see voters vote for someone based on integrity over someone whose campaign relied on extensive character-smearing and a man dressed as a chicken.

Now for one more "pat on the back..."

It appears that the Marlins fans who stay home and watch games on TV heeded my advice and have made their presence known at the ballpark this weekend for the big series against the Phillies. Attendance the last 2 nights has been well over 20,000, which is more than double the season average. Not ideal, but much better than usual and a positive sign that the Marlins' front office should build on (fat chance of that, however).


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