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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Views on Teen's Escape to Cuba

Some reaction from fellow Miamians following the case of the Miami teen's fleeing to Cuba, via Miami Herald letters to the editor:

Re the Sept. 27 article Student, 14, flees to Cuba: It was disturbing to me that the article contained no mention of family values, paternal love for a son or any reason other than materialism for 14-year-old Alfredo Diaz to wish to remain in the United States.

I hope that material comforts are not the most important reason why the father is living in this country. I fear that many of our recent immigrants have come to the United States for a lifestyle based on material comforts. Perhaps the son needs more than Pizza Hut, the Dolphin Mall, computer privileges, an iPod and the ''other good things in life'' mentioned by the father.

Could it be that the young boy wants to be with his mother because of the love and values she bestows upon him? Perhaps this article should serve as a wake-up call for all of us to examine what's really important.


Let's see. There's no custody battle here. The boy appears to be a normal teen living in a home with a father and "stepmother" who care for him. Therefore, why doesn't Mr. Dobson sympathize with the father? Instead, he criticizes immigrants for coming to this country for "material comforts". What's wrong with that? Isn't that a right that we enjoy in a free country? Or is life in Cuba, where material comforts can be bought for a pretty penny but, like freedom, out of reach for the average citizen, better because materialism isn't prevalent? I could almost see his point if Alfredo was living under dire conditions, but it certainly doesn't appear that way from both a material and family perspective. The boy's father punished him for committing voter fraud in his school's elections. Doesn't sound like a father who doesn't care for his kid, does it?

I can only guess on which side of the political spectrum Mr. Dobson lies, but I'd say it's not on mine.

How should Alfredo be punished for what he's done, you may ask? An enlightened Herald reader came up with this:

First, Alfredo Diaz cheats in his classroom elections, then he sneaks back into his house and packs, breaks into his father's safe to get his passport and then uses his father's credit card to fraudulently buy an airline ticket to Cuba.

The best punishment would be for his father to make him stay in Cuba for about six months. Let him do without the amenities of life in Miami and see how he likes it down there.


Thank you Mr. Rodriguez.


Anonymous Rick said...

Hadn't this kid traveled to Cuba before and stuck up some kind of teenage relationship with a girl there? So, from that, I'm thinking he already knows what life is like there and made a conscious decision to go back.

I'm not quite sure what the father's "political spectrum" has to do with any of this, but the circumstances do make you wonder if the kid was simply placing the love for his real mother and this other girl above his life in Miami and all the accouterments that it brought.

I think it's a legitimate point and one that was raised by Mr. Robson, although I wouldn't cast a wide net over all immigrants and say that material things are the only things that matter to them, like he did.

The other thing is none of us know what the family situation is no matter what is reported in the paper. There could be a lot of things going on at home that we all don't know about.

11:02 AM, September 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's Mr.Dobson? His name is Robson not Dobson, I think? I'm confused-whats the guys name Dobson or Robson? :P Great site! Lol same difference, Ja. Viva Cuba Libre!

3:08 AM, October 01, 2006  
Blogger Robert said...

Yes it is Robson.


Robson's comment about materialism is all too common amongst some people who can't see anything positive with life here in the United States. Can materialism be bad? Sure, when taken to the extreme. So are a lot of other things. Also, why does he automatically imply that the father possibly place material goods above his son? He doesn't know the real situation any more than I do.

If the tables were turned and it was his mother who was here and his father in Cuba, would Robson (and others) view this the same way?

I don't know, but intuition tells me it's highly doubtful.

9:53 AM, October 01, 2006  
Blogger The Universal Spectator said...

And that excuses the punk from leaving his family here? He is underage, Rick. If it were my son, regardless of "family circumstance," I'd demand him back. Rick, you are an apologist extraordinaire for anything having to do fidel and his regime. You make a nice couple with what's-his-name that write on your little blog. You show your colors everytime guy, and the color is red.

12:56 PM, October 01, 2006  
Anonymous Rick said...

Same tune, different day, US. Over and over and over and over again.


10:28 PM, October 01, 2006  
Anonymous alex said...

Bark bark little poodle, how "little" is the blog when it gets under your skin so much? For the record, I think this is no different than any teenager running away from home, for love or whatever other reason, here, in Cuba or in China. His father was tho one who cited his son's "plasma TV and Ipod" and "the love of the good things in life" as the reasons his son would want to come back. Well, he's learning the hard way that material things don't buy love. But regardless, the kid belongs with his father. Just like Elian.

10:39 PM, October 01, 2006  
Blogger Alfredo said...

Hi my name is Alfredo A. Diaz, and I am the kid that ran away to Cuba. I think that some of you really should hear the real story behind all of this, instead of running your mouths, and not focus so much on what the media has to say.

10:29 PM, May 08, 2008  
Blogger Robert said...

OK Alfredo, then please tell us what really happened. The floor is yours.

2:58 PM, May 13, 2008  

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