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Friday, November 24, 2006

El Nuevo Cartoonist Empties Newsroom

News is breaking of a situation at The El Nuevo Herald offices involving their editorial cartoonist Jose Varela. Varela walked into the office with a knife and some type of firearm, and is holed up in Executive Editor Humberto Castello's office.

From the article:
You're talking with the new editor of the newspaper, and I am here to uncover the true conflicts of the newspaper. Here they ridicule the exiles, there are problems with pay,'' said the cartoonist in a telephone conversation with a reporter for El Nuevo. ''You know that the newspaper lasts little today. This little problem is over now. This is a pig sty and somebody needs to pay, somebody has to do it, because this is how you clean shit (ed. first time I've seen the Herald publish an article with a "forbidden" word). It's about time, now that they're mocking people. Today they're going to see it as violence. But somebody has to pay and that is going to be Castelló.
Let's hope no one gets hurt. No matter how true or false Varela's accusations are, his way of resolving it won't help his case or the exiles' cause one bit.

Too bad, because I much prefer his work to that of his Miami Herald counterpart Jim Morin.

More at Herald Watch and Babalu.


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