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Saturday, December 02, 2006

castro's Birthday Bash

Without fidel, of course.
''We take this opportunity to once again state that we are willing to resolve at the negotiating table the longstanding dispute between the United States and Cuba, of course, provided they accept ... our condition as a country that will not tolerate any blemishes on its independence, and as long as said resolution is based on the principles of equality, reciprocity, non-interference and mutual respect.
raul castro in his speech today in Havana.

Equality, reciprocity, non-interference and mutual respect. OK. We have a deal.

Just make sure to meet these conditions from us.

Click here for the Sun-Sentinel's coverage.

After reading the Sun-Sentinel article and if you have a few minutes to kill, just for the hell of it make sure to check out the comments left by a few geniuses out there. Sure to make anyone laugh.

Here's a sample:
A mass exodus from Cuba to Miami, I am sure of it and Jeb Bush will be supporting it. Look when a mid western polital stated that Miami is a third world country. The local politicians in Miami-Dade defended Miami saying it was not. Well it seems they all had Cubano accents, and names like Rodriguez, Calzone, Ruiz, Gonzalez, give me a break, Miami is a third world country, the crime rate is high, your language is Spanish, you can't survive if you speak Englinsh.......Get them all the hell out of here...................
Classic. LOL!! What a saramambich!

Now you know why the Miami Herald doesn't have a comment section with their online articles.


Blogger The Universal Spectator said...

Was that Jack Kofoed writing that comment from beyond the grave?

10:47 AM, December 03, 2006  

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