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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Children of Cuba - Another View

Thanks to Armando Valladares, Miami-Dade County school students will be able to read about the other side of life in Cuba, the side that makes thousands of people risk their lives to arrive at our shores and start a new life.

The book "Los Niños de Cuba" (The Children of Cuba), should have come out right after the Vamos A Cuba stink last spring and summer. It would have likely prevented the posturing by the School Board through its vote to ban the controversial book.

This does not discount the valid and honest feelings many had against the Vamos A Cuba publication, which is something that vehement critics of the School Board decision failed to recognize.

I for one am happy that the concerns of parents such as Juan Amador Rodriguez, who himself suffered in castro's jails, have been listened to, not by the School Board, but by others in the community. Valladares' book is a prime example of this.

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