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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Post-Christmas Roundup

Hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas full of presents and good cheer.

I'm still recovering from all the festivities and running around getting things ready for the holiday, and trying to play catch-up at work.

Therefore, here's a roundup from some of my favorite blogs:

- El Gusano at La Contra Revolución thinks that there's something sneaky behind Val's freak Nochebuena accident involving mojo, a horse needle and his hand.

- From Down Under, Luis at Child of the Revolution reminisces about the days when Nochebuena was actually celebrated in Cuba.

- Ziva shows us that there are intelligent people in Spain when it comes to dealing with Cuba.

- Speaking of Cuba, Marc has a story which highlights Cuba dissidents' optimism for big changes in 2007. Of course, a lot depends on whether a Spanish doctor's diagnosis is correct.

- And, in closing:

R.I.P. Gerald Ford.

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