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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tancredo Not Coming Back

The Miami Herald reports that Rep. Tom Tancredo's talk to the Rotary Club of Miami has been cancelled by the host, the Rusty Pelican restaurant, due to pressures dealing with lack of space and the anticipated media crunch.

Local TV media are reporting, however, that the congressman's visit was cancelled due to a threat e-mailed to the Miami Herald.

Here's a comment by Tancredo spokesman Carlos Espinosa (a fine American name if I ever heard one):
''We knew that it would be dangerous to speak your mind in a third world country like Cuba. Apparently there isn't much difference in Miami.''
Looks like the Rusty Pelican management is giving somewhat conflicting information on their reasons for cancelling Tancredo's appearance.

Unfortunately, the apparent threat received by the Miami Herald doesn't help to disprove Tancredo's view of Miami. However, even if we were to take that threat seriously - my feeling is that it's a prank by a bored agent provocateur - does one person's threat truly represent an entire city or region? Would the lack of a threat, and a local discussion on the issue change Tancredo's opinion on Miami and its immigrants? My answer to both is no, which I believe is the logical conclusion to draw out of this.

Part of me hoped that Tancredo showed up and got blasted by at least part of the community. Another part of me, however, wishes that he just stay as far away as possible from South Florida. We can talk about and resolve our problems without a Colorado politician whose contempt for immigrants is matched only by his political posturing.

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