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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Discover the Redland

Jonathan's post below on the Aerojet ruins outside Florida City mentioned some other places down on the way to Everglades National Park that are work checking out, such as Robert Is Here (no really, he is) and the Schnebly Winery. Some of these places can also be checked out on self-guided "ecotours" of the Redland, Metro Miami's farming district, situated just north of Homestead and Florida City, or as us locals call it - South Dade.

The Miami Herald highlights one such tour, the Redland Riot, in a story published today.

The Redland has always been one of my favorite spots in South Florida, and by far the most underrated attraction in our area. It's pace and scenery are the antithesis of South Beach, which is never a bad thing in my book, and one can really get to appreciate the diversity of our area. Tours such as the Redland Riot and others are springing up.

Ever wonder where much of the country's winter vegetables come from? Yep, you got it.

If you're sojourns in South Florida are mostly confined to the hot spots such as South Beach, you're really missing out by not checking out the Redland and its environs. It's only less than an
hour's drive from downtown Miami, traffic permitting.

Grab some fresh fruit and delicious shakes and places such as Knaus Berry Farm (excellent!) and Burr's Berry Farm. Take a drive down Krome Avenue to downtown Homestead, where a lot of the city's original buildings have been restored (a remarkable feat considering the destruction from Hurricane Andrew 14 years ago).