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Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's Not Easy

No es fácil.

Ask a group of Cuban-Americans about the U.S. travel restrictions on Cuba, and you're likely to get many diverse and impassioned answers. Of all the issues revolving around U.S. - Cuba relations, this is the one that has C-As the most divided.

Case in point: This post at Babalu, and make sure to check out the comments as well (the thread was excellent until a "nospinzone1" character showed up).

Another case in point: This Herald article which manages to present different views on the issue despite the author's attempts to steer it in a anti-restriction direction.

Despite the difference in opinions, Cuban-Americans move forward and live their lives, most with a deep understanding of both sides of the issue.

If this doesn't show that Cuban-Americans are indeed capable of "disagreeing agreeably" with each other, then I don't know what this.

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