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Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Times in Cuba (UPDATED)

Not literally. I'm referring to that erstwhile South Florida weekly.

Alex from Stuck on the Palmetto points us to the first part of a series which the Miami New Times is running on Cuba. Keeping in mind the New Times' reputation as a left-leaning rag, my first reaction was...OK, when do the "Miami Mafia" and embargo bashings begin?

Much to my surprise, the first article in the series focused solely on the troubles of life in Cuba, and even takes shots at tourists (including Americans). We'll see what the rest of the series is like, but if the first part is any indication, it will be worth reading...even if they do end up taking some shots at us back home in Miami.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 7:05 PM: Davie blogger El Gusano at La Contra Revolución also blogged on the New Times piece back on Wednesday and is hopeful that these type of articles is the beginning of a trend.



Blogger Adam said...

I may be misreading your post but it seems a little bit weird to me that focusing "solely on the troubles of life in Cuba" is an indication that it will be worth reading. I mean, I know there are troubles in Cuba, but isn't it better to report even handedly the troubles and . . . everything else?

10:09 AM, January 08, 2007  
Blogger Robert said...

The fact that an alternative far left publication based in Miami such as the New Times is doing a story on Cuba, and hasn't shown the typical left-wing Castro apologist tendencies is interesting to me, no doubt.

Even if they do end up publishing the typical left-wing Cuba stuff, it will still be interesting to read their perspective.

2:19 PM, January 08, 2007  
Blogger Adam said...

It's too bad there aren't more unbiased sources of reporting that could just report things even handedly. I have a really hard time sorting out the propaganda from the rubish from the true situations when it comes to cuba.

10:05 PM, January 08, 2007  

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