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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Death Penalty for Couey

The death penalty is one of those issues that you feel strongly about one way or the other.

Me? I'm for the death penalty for horrific crimes, such as the one John Couey committed on poor little Jessica Lunsford. However, I can understand how anti-death penalty people feel. For me, this issue is actually more gray than black and white. There are legitimate questions as to whether the death penalty actually serves as a deterrent, as well as the moral issues involved. They make me pause and reconsider my pro-death penalty stance.

With all this being said, I don't remember a single criminal act shaking me to the core as much as this one has. During the trail here in Miami, when the graphic details of the crime were stated in court, I couldn't help but break into tears. It still haunts me at this moment. Thinking about the anguish that little girl went through, as a parent of two young girls it's excruciating to even imagine. How Jessica's father and family can carry on despite all they've been through, I don't know.

Check out this link for a clip on FOX News featuring an exchange between Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera. (WARNING: if any of the details of Jessica's murder deeply disturb you, you may want to consider not watching the clip).

Yes, Rivera gets graphic. In this case, it's appropriate in order to grasp the magnitude of this horrific incident.

I think this case is going to make many anti-death penalty folks think hard about making exceptions for beasts such as John Couey. It is the natural, guttural reaction to something so disgusting and gut-wrenching.

More importantly, however, it will hopefully encourage lawmakers nationwide to set much tougher mandatory sentences for first-time sexual offenders.

Perhaps, more than Couey's death, it is the result Jessica and her family would desire.

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Blogger Srcohiba said...

Even for a crime as horrific as this, the death penalty does nothing. This prick ends up being killed by being given drugs so he does not feel anything.

What I've always said is that rather than death, you put them in a cramped cell with no windows, no tv, no radio, give him/her only books, keep then in 23 hour lockdown in solitary and 1 hour for everything else for life. forever. no chance at getting out. Make prison such that scum like this would prefer death. To me that would be fitting. Or simply let the prick loose in the general prison population so that they can do to him what they did to Dahmer.

1:50 PM, March 19, 2007  

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