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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Draft and the Dolphins

I must be the only Dolfan who's not ready to jump ship after yesterday's first round pick of Ted Ginn.

Based on the reaction of Dolfans everywhere, from the media to the blogosphere, to the draft "experts" out there...you would think that the Dolphins passed up on the Second Coming in order to draft Ginn.

Granted, the Dolphins have greater needs than at wide receiver, especially an undersized one at that. A big offensive lineman would have been nice.

However (and yes you knew this was coming)...

No one is asking why Brady Quinn dropped all the way to number 22. Allow me to splash a little dose of reality amidst the usual draft day chest-thumping hyperbole:

The Dolphins tried Quinn out for a month, under the watchful eyes of their quarterback coach. A MONTH. Any reasonable person could then conclude that there was a decent chance, a decent chance mind you, that Quinn just might not be all that he's cracked up to be. Frankly, and I know this is a stretch...I would give professional coaches the benefit of the doubt over Joe Beer Belly at the Hooters at the corner of Pines and University, and definitely over draft guru Mel Kiper.

Add to this the fact that head coach Cam Cameron built his reputation on evaluating and coaching quarterbacks. Anyone heard of Drew Brees? Philip Rivers?

Am I crazy to suggest that perhaps the Dolphins had good reasons for passing on Quinn? I can understand people questioning picking the diminutive and fragile Ginn, but what's the big deal about Brady Quinn? Are we THAT desperate for the next Marino that we're willing to look in places where he won't be found?

As proof that perhaps I haven't totally lost it yet:

Dave Hyde, the Sun-Sentinel's saving grace, agrees with me.



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