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Friday, April 20, 2007

No Kool-Aid in Davie

Remember my Kool-Aid post a few days back?

Looks like someone agreed with me, not that I was unusually enlightened in my opinion, but at least the Herald decided to publish it.
Pelosi misreads us

Re the April 17 letter Pelosi on target: The writer's admitted love for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs a reality check. He describes her as carrying out the will of the American people. But this does not include me or any Americans I know.

To say that Pelosi combines the elegance of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and the resolve of Margaret Thatcher is a shaky half truth. I concede that Pelosi and Onassis are both admirable fashion divas, but to bring Thatcher into the comparison is an insult to America's strongest ally.

Pelosi does have something in common with a British prime minister -- Neville Chamberlain.


Looks like Miami Kool-Aid hasn't made it all the way to Cowboy Town yet.

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Blogger El Gusano said...

you'd be surprised..........

4:53 PM, April 20, 2007  

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