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Friday, May 18, 2007

Choosing Sides

When it comes to Cuba, it should be easy to decide who to side with. You have fidel the murderous dictator and his cronies, and you have those who desire freedom for Cubans.

Easy choice, right? It should be, but it isn't. There are those whose anti-Americanism is so rampant to the point of actually rooting for the bearded one simply because he hates the United States and everything it stands for. There are also those who actually believe in the socialist model and think that "free" education and health care are more important than ones freedom and human rights.

Those people are pretty much helpless. But now it gets tricky. There's another group that gives the impression that they're on the side of freedom and democracy, yet continue to prove otherwise.

In this group is the government of Spain, the motherland to most Cubans and Cuban-Americans. Henry Gomez, a.k.a Conductor, has launched the debut Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty (BUCL) campaign which shines a bright spotlight on Spain's chokehold on Cuban business and tourism. This business and tourism that Spain willingly gives to Cuba does little more than line the pockets of fidel castro and his gang of bandits, while the average Cuban suffers from a measly salary, no freedom and no future. By doing business with the castros, Spain is choosing the wrong side.

Why is singling out Spain so important when other countries do business with Cuba as well?

It is Spain that colonized Cuba for centuries.

It is Spain that speaks the same language and shares so many cultural ties with Cuba.

It is Spain that is the birthplace of millions of Cubans' ancestors and the launching point for so many who emigrated to Cuba, including my own ancestors.

It is Spain that should understand the hardships of enduring a dictatorship.

It is Spain who has catapulted into modern Europe through belief in democracy.

Therefore, it is Spain that should be leading the way for change in Cuba.

Instead, Spain enables the Cuban regime by giving them their business instead of demanding immediate basic human rights.

I am proud to be a sponsor for this BUCL campaign. At the same time, it hurts because I know Spain can do better. Spain SHOULD do better.

I urge all of you reading this to ask Spain to stop doing business with Cuba and demand that the regime begin releasing political prisoners and instituting basic human rights for all Cubans.

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Blogger Jonathan said...

A worthy cause.

10:26 PM, May 18, 2007  

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