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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cuba Healthcare : You Get What You Pay

That disgusting picture above is from a Cuban hospital. It's part of the "vaunted Cuban healthcare system" so many loonies around the world constantly rave about when talking about Cuba.

As sad as this is for the Cuban people to have to put up with, I often show that picture as an example of the farce that the free healthcare in Cuba really is. Of course, free is subjective. The Cuban people pay for it with their measly salaries.

Defenders of castro might come back with: "Some U.S. hospitals are just as bad." If so, I'd like to see one. Otherwise, forget it. There's no excuse for a state-run hospital to look like a pig pen.

And we won't get into the lack of bedding and medicine in Cuban hospitals. It's BYO materials if you're Cuban and you're going to the hospital.

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Remember the mantra: at least the healthcare is free, at least the healthcare is free....

The Real Cuba has many more pictures of Cuban hospitals that everyone should see. Just make sure you haven't just finished eating when doing so.



Blogger sakthi said...

The pictures are really disgusting..It's government responsibility to take care their citizens needs,but they are not even in the position to keep their hospitals clean..Even healthy people can get various diseases if one day they stayed in the hospital like this...
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2:30 AM, May 20, 2007  

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