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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Was Going to Ignore Her

But I just couldn't help it.

Thanks Ana Menendez for yet another slime job. Here's a letter I just finished whipping off to her:
Your disrespect for traditional Cuban-American exiles continues to reach new heights.
Your column today was the latest in the series of slaps in the face to many...no, most in the Cuban-American community. Disagreeing is one thing, but when you use terms such as "Miami Cuban Mafia" and "right-wing lunatics" and to describe members of the community, you not only discredit yourself but also those who respectfully and intelligently disagree with the mainstream Cuban-American community.
Of course, your track record suggests that you probably don't mind discrediting yourself so long as you can take shots at a group of people you harbor a deep disrespect for.
Funny how a leftist agent provacateur such as Edmundo Garcia gets a free pass as a "well-informed" and intelligent person in your mind. Perhaps that's because you agree with him more than not. Or is it because he's a poor, helpless and powerless (with a microphone and free airwaves, mind you) person swimming against the stream of loud-mouthed, dumb "right-wing lunatics"?
Funny how you always trot out the war-horse cliche that the traditional Cuban-American exile community is old and dying, and that the days of nostalgia are "waning".
Why is it funny?
First, take a look at the faces in the pictures of last July's "castro could be dead" celebrations. I see a lot of young faces. You? Second, the Cuba Nostalgia convention is this weekend. Third, ever heard of Raices de Esperanza? If not, google it.
In closing, when a true transition to democracy takes place in Cuba, it's those that today are the most critical of Fidel Castro and his brutal regime that will take the first steps to ensure that Cuba gets back on its feet. Meanwhile, cynics such as yourself will only be able to watch from the sidelines and become even less relevant to Cuba's future.
26th Parallel

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