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Friday, June 15, 2007

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Many Most liberals think Rush Limbaugh is a big gas bag who always complains about them. Well, all this story does is give Limbaugh even more reasons and justifications to base his opinions around.
Battered By Criticism, Broward May Keep Deal with Rush Limbaugh Radio Station

(Ed. terrible headline, BTW. I didn't know WIOD was "Limbaugh's Radio Station").

Radio station WIOD likely will remain Broward County's official channel for emergency information despite concerns it is also home to conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

County commissioners said they were deluged with complaints from throughout the country Wednesday after they questioned whether to cut their ties with the station because of their dislike for Limbaugh. By the end of the day, a majority of commissioners vowed to renew WIOD's agreement next week.

The deal with WIOD, AM 610, would ensure news conferences and other critical announcements are broadcast live during hurricanes and other emergencies.

Kristin Jacobs and Ilene Lieberman, commissioners who served as mayor during hurricanes in 2004 and 2005, came to the defense of WIOD. They were absent from Tuesday's meeting because they were in Tallahassee talking to state lawmakers about tax reform legislation.

"If your roof gets blown off, do you really care if the radio station that is giving you the information that you need also carries Rush Limbaugh?" Jacobs asked. "I don't think so. I don't agree with that man's philosophy and I don't listen to him, but I'm not going to not choose WIOD because of it."

Limbaugh responded to the commissioners Wednesday on his radio show, saying the qualms about WIOD were a sign of out-of-control partisanship in the nation.

"They are politicizing the delivery of emergency news, which is non-partisan," Limbaugh said.

The all-Democrat commission was on the verge of rejecting the WIOD contract when it instead delayed a decision to get more information about why its staff favored the station and what its other options are. The firestorm began when Commissioner Stacy Ritter said she didn't want to patronize the station because of Limbaugh and other conservative programming.

County communications administrators recommended WIOD over two other stations interested in the deal.

They said WIOD has a strong signal, sister FM stations that simulcast news during emergencies and was willing to guarantee live coverage.

Commissioner Ken Keechl initially said he shared Ritter's concerns, but said Wednesday that he will now support WIOD because of the staff's advice. Commissioners John Rodstrom and Lois Wexler earlier said they want WIOD.

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Blogger circuitmouse said...

What if Rush is back on the pills when the next hurricane comes? Is there, like, a back up plan? And frankly, I don't like the idea of my loved ones having to depend on Rush Limbaugh for snything other than enough pills to keep the neighborhood mellow until it's all over... My sister and her husband are both "first responders," which means I might have to babysit.

5:31 PM, June 15, 2007  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Limbaugh is irrelevant to all this. He doesn't run WIOD. The station merely carries his show. So it will also carry press conferences and emergency news.

They said WIOD has a strong signal, sister FM stations that simulcast news during emergencies and was willing to guarantee live coverage.

IOW they will push Limbaugh off the air if necessary to deliver emergency info.

11:05 PM, June 15, 2007  

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