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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Great. Now What?

FHP's recent crackdown on aggressive drivers in Miami-Dade County was pretty remarkable: 582 arrests in 3 days.

Great. How come we don't see this more often? I know highway trooper staffing levels are low, but this crackdown shows that when they commit to stopping jerks from messing up driving conditions for the rest of us, results follow.

A once-a-month sweep would be nice, for starters.



Blogger Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal said...

How is it that FHP staffing issues and funding problems have allowed to become the norm and deemed acceptable by our community and even FHP Santangelo?

You'd think someone by now would have stepped up to beef the funding to crack down on reckless drivers in our area. It would alleviate some of the hassles of driving along our congested roadways...

11:25 AM, July 17, 2007  
Blogger Henry Gomez said...

Great. All we need is drivers becoming more aggressive due to rubbernecking slowdowns caused by hundreds of vehicles being pulled over. Where does it end?

11:06 PM, July 17, 2007  
Blogger Robert said...


I don't know if FHP's staffing and funding is truly accepted by the community. I guess it comes to a point where people feel powerless to suggest changes to a state-run agency.


For the most part, the idiots and assholes (feel free to add your own adjective) who don't give a crap about the safety of others on the roadways would rubberneck if they see a blade of grass growing on the median or shoulder. I say, rubbernecking is a small price to pay to get morons off of our roads.

10:54 AM, July 18, 2007  

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