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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Letters To The Editor - Exile Bashing Edition

Some good ones in today's Herald concerning Barack Obama's statements about meeting with chavez and castro if he were to be Prez (emphasis mine).

First, from the city of Hollywood, F-L-A:
In Monday's Democratic presidential candidates' debate, Sen. Barack Obama's response to the question about meeting with leaders of countries that the United States does not get along with was straightforward and honest.

In contrast, Sen. Hillary Clinton's response smacked of hypocrisy. In the past she has criticized President Bush for refusing to talk to such leaders. Could the mention of Cuba have motivated Clinton to take a new stance on this issue?

It is refreshing to see a politician who is unafraid to state his views on an issue regardless of the damage it may cause his campaign. The opinion of a handful of people should not be allowed to shape the foreign policy of our nation.

EVAN JULIEN, Hollywood

Ah yes, the old and tired line about a handful of geriatric exiles controlling U.S. policy towards poor little Cuba. Would you like me to tell you where the Miami Mafia holds Senators and Congressmen hostage every time a vote comes up regarding Cuba policy? Or perhaps these people are able to come up with their own conclusions? You decide.

Next, from good ol' Miamuh:
I'm switching my vote from Clinton to Obama. I don't think that other nations are hostile toward the United States. Our policies are hostile toward those nations, especially Cuba.

It's time to stop this nonsense.


Mr. Gutierrez: OK, we'll stop the nonsense now. As soon as you get off the phone with your buddies hugo and fidel. BTW, Obama may not totally agree with your allegation that the U.S. is hostile towards Cuba.

And I do appreciate the fact that you're not voting for Hillary.

And finally, not to be denied from the ciudad bella of Coral Gables:

As a Cuban American, I was appalled to read about the controversy brewing between Sens. Clinton and Obama over meeting with Fidel Castro. Honestly, why should we care about meeting with a man who, for all we know, might already be dead?

If you want to bring some relief to this state, then discuss the issues that affect us: insurance rates, property taxes, crime, pollution, illegal immigration. I want all the presidential candidates to stop pandering to a few Cuban exiles who live in the past. They should discuss the issues that will decide if we can continue to live in this state.

ELSIE M. McCLAIN, Coral Gables

Can't argue with your concerns regarding insurance, taxes, crime, etc., Elsie. But you really need to stop taking advise vis a vis your fellow Cuban exiles from Ana Menendez and poor Oscar Corral. Then again, your suggestion that fidel might already be dead means you could really be one of us intransigent, insufferable and intolerant Cuban exiles.

And where in the heck do these people get the idea that it's just a "handful" or a "few" Cuban exiles who "live in the past"?

Where do they live, Montana or something?



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