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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Changes to South Florida Radio

I found out about this kind of late, but Contemporary Christian station WMCU 89.7 FM, otherwise known as Spirit FM, has been sold to American Public Media Group. Spirit FM had been one of the more stable, if not obscure, stations in the market, offering Christian-themed contemporary music for a long time.

To me, that's somewhat bad news. I'm not a big listener of the station, but the few times I did listen I was pleased by the non-sensationalistic, positive message the music and broadcasters conveyed.

However, not all is lost. Not by a long shot.

American Public Media Group will convert 89.7 FM to a classical music format. That's right, the void of classical music on FM reaching a large audience in South Florida is coming to a thankful end. I am most definitely looking forward to once again having a professional, first-class classical music station in South Florida.

We deserve it. Let's support this station and the cultural benefits it will no doubt provide to our community.

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Blogger Srcohiba said...

For someone who bailed out on broadcast radio the day WTMI was taken off the air it's refreshing. I listen to the classical stuff on XM which is good, but I miss local classical music station that featured local events, etc.

good news it is...perhaps the veil of the dark side of mediocrity has a tear....

11:35 AM, October 04, 2007  

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