[freedomtowernight_edited.jpg] 26th Parallel: Et Tu, Defense?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Et Tu, Defense?

Oy vey, another long season upcoming for our Miami Dolphins. The defense, which for so long has kept the ship from totally sinking, is springing leaks all over the place. Case in point, yesterday's 31-28 loss to the Stinking Jets.

Note: to the rest of the world, they are the New York Jets. To self-respecting Dolfans, however, they are the Stinking Jets. Catch me in a bad mood, and stinking turns to something a little more spicy.

Jason Taylor: who kidnapped you and has kept you from playing the past few weeks? The number 99 I've being watching on the telly doesn't resemble you.

At least we discovered something. Give Ronnie Brown the ball enough, and he will produce.



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