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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Magda Sticks It To Us Again

Okay, maybe not directly...but as you all know I love to pick on South Florida's very own resident castro cheerleader.

Everyone in South Florida has heard about the child custody case involving the now five year old Cuban girl whose birth father, Rafael Izquierdo, is trying to take back to Cuba. Representing the father are, of course, Magda Montiel Davis and hubby Ira Kurzban.

Check out this nugget from yesterday's Herald (emphasis mine):

Izquierdo's lawyers -- Ira Kurzban, law partner Steven Weinger and Kurzban's wife, Magda Montiel Davis -- say they are representing Izquierdo for free, but many of their expenses are being reimbursed by the state Judicial Administration Commission, which covers legal work for indigent Floridians. Davis said they will ask to be reimbursed for $100,000 -- which will be covered by taxpayers.

Davis said she estimates that all members of the legal team probably have foregone about $1 million in legal fees by devoting the bulk of their work time to a case that will earn them nothing.

Ouch! Can you say: neither pro nor bono? I realize that the state DCF is also involved, and that the fees for their reps will likely also be footed by us taxpayers. Still, makes you think about what pro bono really means in this case, eh?

Who needs to complain about using public money to build a baseball stadium when we have lawyers handing us the bill for a child custody case?

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